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Open Access Experiments

The greatly increased number of texts available in the digital era is in itself a huge advantage to philosophy scholars, but more can be done by way of  innovative ways of accessing primary philosophical texts, of linking texts among one another and with secondary texts where they are cited, of searching and querying texts.  Different models of  peer review are also technically feasible and beginning to emerge in many scholarly fields. Finally, Open Access also calls for different business models for scholarly content.

The AGORA project will conduct five experiments to explore the potential offered by Open Access digital libraries of primary and secondary philosophical texts.

Semantic Linking Experiment [1]

Contexta Experiment [2]

Open Peer Review Experiment [3]

Open Access Business Models Experiment [4]

Linked Open Data Experiment [5]

The experiments will be evaluated as they unfold, using an adapted Value Sensitive Design strategy. Read more about it in our  experiment requirements report [6].