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Welcome to AGORA

Current scholarship in philosophy takes place in a context of revolutionary change in accessibility and availability of resources. The Internet and the fast-growing number of digital archives and repositories makes an ever-increasing number of philosophical texts more available. Material which was difficult to access and to include in scholarship has become more accessible to a larger public and has opened up new avenues of scholarship.

At the same time, we face real challenges on two fronts. The first of these is to safeguard this new enlarged accessibility of resources, and to ensure that ‘Open Access’ is not limited by technical issues or commercial interests. The second is to fulfill the potential of new modes of scholarship offered by digital publication and digital repositories.

The AGORA project aims to address these challenges by:

Through these experiments, the AGORA project aims to establish guidelines for best practice in Open Access relating to philosophical scholarship.

The AGORA project is funded by the European Union within the framework of competitiveness and innovation.

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