In AGORA’s Contexta experiment in scholarly linking and rendering, carried out by the Institut des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes(CNRS/ENS, Paris), primary and secondary sources will be linked bidirectionally to offer a specific scholarly citation solution. The term Contexta comes from Latin and means: “Things which are connected. The Contexta software solution will automatically transform cross references contained in journal articles into bidirectional links.”.

A reader selecting an article will be presented automatically with a list of all primary and secondary sources cited within, plus a list of all the articles in which other authors cite the article. If the reader selects a manuscript page, immediately all the transcriptions and translations will appear as well as all commentaries and articles referring to that page. When a link points forward, towards a textual passage, the system automatically establishes a backwards link. The list of articles that cite a certain passage is updated automatically without the need to peruse all journals and monographs manually.