Linked Open Data

The goal of AGORA’s Linked Open Data experiment, to be carried out by NET7,  is to offer a unique access point to the federation content and to augment the user search and browsing experience by using LOD. Agora extends the Philosource Federation by adding dedicated publication layers to each federation node. Philosource is already a federation by sharing common values and technological standards. The Federation Portal will make the federation even more integrated and create a unique access point where the user can

1. Search content of the Agora nodes;

2. Discover new Linked Open Data; and

3. Render content according to the user’s needs.

Update December 2011

Progress has been made on customising Open Journal System (OJS) for the new publications of the AGORA project. In addition, Alessio Piccioli and Federico Ruberti of Net7 have worked on the ‘Agorization’ of metadata, that is, on customising metadata standards specifically for the Linked Open Data Experiment, as well as for the Semantic Linking Experiment.

Software developed by Net7 for the AGORA project can be found here

Update June 2012

Net7 developed the first version of the Agora LODPortal: it is a web application based on the API of a new tool of the MURUCA platform (that is the evolution of the TALIA software) called KORBO ( Some effort has been dedicated to further customize the KORBO tool features in order to be suitable for the lodportal experiment, at the same time the platform’s node and OJS instances have been customized in order to be used by the KORBO tool.

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