Open Peer Review

The AGORA Open Collaborative Peer Review Experiment carried out by CNR-ILIESI and UIB-WAB will combine traditional double-blind peer review with different modes of open peer review and post-review comments by scholars.

The Open Collaborative Peer Review Experiment is carried out in the context of the two new international journals of the AGORA project, the Lexicon Philosophicum and the Nordic Wittgenstein Review

Cristina Marras (CNR-ILIESI) is working closely with Alois Pichler (University of Bergen /WAB) and Yrsa Neuman (Åbo Akademi University), with input from Annamaria Carusi (University of København), on the peer review cycle:

The author’s manuscript after eligibility check (step 1) made by the journal’s editors enters the traditional double blind peer review (step 2). Articles accepted for publication are then available for an open comment peer review (step 3) for a given period (at least 30 days) during which the journal’s editors solicit scholars in the field to post comments.  All registered users to the journals are therefore able to comment on and to discuss the accepted articles published in pre-print format. This part of the peer review process is moderated by the journals editors. Authors are able to revise their articles for final publication in the light of both forms of review (double blind and open).

The experiment, combining different modalities of peer review, aims at monitoring and ensuring the quality of published articles; it aims to allow authors to receive feedback that helps them to improve their manuscripts; it serves to further enhance the advantages of open comment peer review and is expected to provide authors with a greater range of useful and constructive comments.

Update: June 2012