Semantic Linking

In AGORA’s semantic linking experiment carried out by CNR-ILIESI and UIB-WAB a subset of the content (scholarly articles, monographs) will be linked to related data sets (editions of texts, manuscripts) most of which are already available in the Philosource Federation. The semantic linking will connect the digital objects with ontological classes that express the most important domain concepts. The experiment’s goal is to enable a novel way of building, querying and browsing a knowledge network and to assess its suitability as a collaborative research tool as well as a learning tool. The resulting RDF graphs will be published on the web and harvested by the Federation Portal.

In the first 18 months, UIB-WAB has enriched the Wittgenstein domain ontology inherited from the DISCOVERY project with further classes and properties. It has continued with populating it with instances, especially in the secondary sources and subject domains. The backbone for UIB-WAB’s ontology work is its transcriptions of both primary and secondary sources in XML TEI, from which OWL files are extracted via XSLT stylesheets. The OWL files can be visualized in the ontology browser SwickyNotes which permits interlinked browsing of texts and related ontologies.