Åbo Akademi University

Åbo Akademi University

Åbo Akademi University has around 7000 students and a personnel of 1300 on three campuses. Åbo Akademi is the only merely Swedish speaking university in the bilingual Finland. Most of its units, such as the Faculty of Humanities, are located in Turku (in Swedish Åbo).

Åbo Akademi University Humanities Faculty/Philosophy department
ÅAUHF conducts research in all areas of the Humanities. One of the philosophy department’s special focus areas is Wittgenstein research. It is one of the founding bodies of the Nordic Wittgenstein Society. The Finnish OA national philosophy portal Filosofia.fi’s Swedish content is coordinated, produced and digitized at the department. The department houses the general interest journal on science in society, Ikaros, published delayed Open Access.

Yrsa Neuman (Lic.Phil.) is a researcher on post-Wittgensteinian philosophy of language, lecturer in philosophy at Åbo Akademi University and the Swedish editor and coordinator of the Finnish National Philosophy portal Filosofia.fi. She has coordinated several OA digitization projects for Filosofia.fi, and is the editor-in-chief of Nordic Wittgenstein Review as well as the secretary of the Nordic Wittgenstein Society since 2009.

Martin Gustafsson, professor of philosophy at Åbo Akademi University, Member of editorial board of NWR, vice president of NWS, leader of the Finnish research group within the Nordic Network for Philosophical Anthropology (financed by NordForsk).

Hugo Strandberg, Dr. Theol., lecturer/research director in philosophy at ÅAU. Philosophy,dissemination, testing as scholarly audience representative.

Role in Agora
ÅAUHF will publish Nordic Wittgenstein Review in cooperation with UiB-WAB, and conduct and analyse the Business Models experiment in cooperation with ontos Verlag.