The Lessico Intellettuale Europeo e Storia delle Idee (ILIESI) is a CNR institute that conducts research on the European intellectual history, focussing on history of philosophy, history of science, and history of ideas. Special attention is paid to the evolution of languages and especially of philosophical lexicon. Historical periods covered by ILIESI research include Antiquity and Late Antiquity, Renaissance and Early Modern Age. The Institute has extensive experience in the automatic treatment of texts, in computational philology and lexicography, as well as in text encoding and tagging.

In more than 40 years of activity, ILIESI has established digital archives and libraries, and a multilingual large database including philosophical and scientific texts of the 17th and 18th century. ILIESI participated in the European eContentplus project Discovery, where it published a large selection of philosophical and scientific texts (in Greek, Latin, Italian, French, English, and German) now available in the portal DaphNet.

The Institute organises a periodical international Colloquium on key-concepts of the philosophical tradition, symposia, workshops and seminars, and mostly publishes the outcomes of its activities in two series of volumes, “Elenchos” and “Lessico Intellettuale Europeo”.

Role in the AGORA project

  • Project coordination
  • Content: preparation and publication
  • Content: primary and secondary sources of Ancient and Modern philosophy
  • Semantic linking experiment
  • Open collaborative peer review experiment

People (core group)

  • Antonio Lamarra is a Researcher Director of the CNR. His main field of research is Early Modern Age philosophy and especially Leibniz’s philosophical and scientific thought. Computational linguistics and philology as well as digital humanities are additional fields of his expertise. He is the co-editor of “Lexicon Philosophicum”. In the Agora project, Antonio is the ILIESI Team leader, and a member of the Governing Board.
  • Cristina Marras is a Researcher of the CNR. She is a specialist in Early Modern philosophy, in particular on Leibniz’s theory and use of language. Theory of communication, digital humanities and peer review are additional fields of her expertise. In the Agora project, Cristina is the Leader of Work Package 6: Open peer review experiment, and a member of the Governing Board.
  • Roberto Palaia is Senior Researcher in history of philosophy at the CNR. He is a specialist in Early Modern and Enlightenment philosophy. Philosophical lexicography and digital humanities are also his fields of expertise. He is the co-editor of “Lexicon Philosophicum”. In the Agora project, Roberto is the contact person for the content and, within the ILIESI team, is in charge of the modern philosophy texts.
  • Emidio Spinelli is Associate Professor at the University of Rome Sapienza. As a historian of ancient philosophy he is a specialist in Greek Scepticism and, in particular, Sextus Empiricus. In the AGORA project, Emidio is in charge of the ancient philosophy texts.
  • Marco Veneziani is Senior Researcher in philosophy at the CNR, with a wide experience in setting up large digital databases of philosophical texts. Latin and Italian lexicography as well as the works of Spinoza and Vico are his additional expertise. In the AGORA project, Marco is responsible for the editing and publication of the complete Vico’s works.
  • Ada Russo is Senior IT officer at the CNR. Her fields of experience include the automatic treatment of textual and linguistic data, the setting up and managing of textual databases, and the development and management of websites. In the AGORA project, Ada is the contact person for the TEI encoding and the OJS site administrator of “Lexicon Philosophicum”.
  • Giancarlo Fedeli is IT officer at the CNR with specific expertise in logic, computational linguistics and digital publishing. In the AGORA project, Giancarlo is the OJS web manager of “Lexicon Philosophicum”.
  • Paola Cataldi is a university Senior science administrator on secondment at CNR, with a relevant experience in managing international and European research initiatives. In the AGORA project, Paola is the contact person for the administrative and financial tasks.

Other CNR-ILIESI collaborators: Claudio Buccolini, Cristina Dalfino, Hansmichael Hohenegger, Simona Lampidecchia, Luisa Petrucci, Pina Totaro, Francesco Verde.

Other collaborators: Andrea Costa, Flavia Frauzel, Giuseppe Iannotta, Giuseppe Lucchesini, Alberto Manchi, Daniela Papitto, Angela Taraborrelli, Michela Tardella.