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Institute of Philosophy, University of Vienna


The department of philosophy at the University of Vienna is home to the research platform “Analytic Philosophy of Language, Symbols and Media”, which not only provides IT infrastructure and services to the department and faculty but also oversees crucial areas of teaching in philosophy. Moreover, the platform pursues an ambitious research agenda, one part of which comprises the project coordination for Agora.

The project coordination for Agora subsumes a variety of administrative tasks, including the organization of various meetings, the maintenance of a web-based collaborative platform, the monitoring of performance and success, as well as reporting.


Role in AGORA project: 

Project coordination (1/1/2011-6/30/2012)



Herbert Hrachovec teaches philosophy at the University of Vienna. He has published widely in the area of Metaphysics, Analytic and Media Philosophy. He is also a Linux system administrator who has, among other projects, initiated Sammelpunkt, an archive for electronic texts and Audiothek a site for audio-visual philosophical content.

Herbert served as the project coordinator for the AGORA project from 1/1/2011 to 6/30/2012.


Enzo De Pellegrin

After receiving his doctorate in philosophy from the University of Vienna, Enzo De Pellegrin spent several years in the United States for post-doctoral research. His current research interests center on scholarly questions about the development of analytic philosophy in general, and the relationship between the philosophical thought of Ludwig Wittgenstein and that of Gottlob Frege in particular. He is the editor of the recently published collection Interactive Wittgenstein: Essays in Memory of Georg Henrik von Wright (Springer, 2011) and translated numerous papers found in Ernst Zermelo: Collected Works/Gesammelte Werke. Volume 1 (edited by H.-D. Ebbinghaus and A. Kanamori, Springer, 2010) and in the second, forthcoming volume of that collection.

Enzo has been the assistant to the project coordinator at the University of Vienna.